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Enterprise Secure Email

Reliable, secure email service for your business with our advanced email gateway solution

AWT delivers the most effective unified solution to protect your people and critical data from advanced email threats. Multiple layers of security to detect and block malware and non-malware threats lets you gain control with advanced email filtering, raise user awareness with email warning tags, and provide protection against compromised accounts with internal email defense.


Powerful anti-spam solution blocks spam, phishing, spoofing, zero-day attacks, and malware from your emails to protect your business

  • Spam and virus filtering: Filter out unwanted spam and virus-infected emails, which can help to protect your company's network and its employees from cyber threats.
  • Data loss prevention: Our Email Gateway blocks emails containing certain keywords or phrases that may indicate a data leak.
  • Enhanced compliance: AWT promotes the implementation of an email gateway to help your company meet industry-specific compliance requirements and protect sensitive data by providing additional security measures and tracking email activity.
  • Streamlined email management: This service is dedicated to providing a central location for managing email traffic, as well as tools for tracking and analyzing email activity.